Dribble Bib

This is a Dribble Bib. It is made with all the care and attention to details. It is handmade with quality materials and finishings. Handmade items are made with care, in small batches. This ensures that each item is personally inspected for quality. Avoiding mass-production ensures that items are unique, and often one-of-a-kind.

It's perfect for babies and children (0-3 years), they are 100% cotton (back and front) so you can safely use it in your baby (either a boy or a girl).

These modern bandanna style baby bibs are a very stylish way of keeping your babies dribble away from their skin. Looking more like a scarf than a bib they will complement your babies outfit and are also great for a teething toddler. 
The bibs are extremely absorbent, and soft and are comfortable enough to be worn all day.
They could be machine washed at 30ยบ and iron is allowed. Do not tumble dry.
10 EUR